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Investing in the best managers
with the Blue Chip Basket

Prime Capital has extensive expertise in the area of hedge funds. The best example for this is PCAM Blue Chip Ltd., which is a response to the discerning wishes of our clients. The Blue Chip Basket allows clients to invest cost-efficiently in the best and most successful managers of active asset strategies.

The portfolio was implemented for institutional clients in October 2007 and, since its issue, has consistently achieved first-class results, both in relation to the returns obtained and in terms of risk management. As one of the world's most successful diversified hedge fund portfolios, it is suitable for investors who are looking for high absolute returns. At the same time, a long-term investment horizon and low liquidity requirements should apply.

The secret of the success of the Blue Chip Basket is based on careful selection and access to the right managers

  • Focus on generating added-value by selecting best-in-class managers, combined with proactive portfolio construction and systematic risk management
  • Stringent implementation of the investment process rather than opinion-based dealing
  • Low fees and cost structure, so that the added value achieved is actually delivered to the investor


Detailed information can be made available to professionel investors within the meaning of the KAGB on request.