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Exploring Credit Opportunities

“Private Debt” by Prime Capital means customised investment solutions with low correlation to traditional asset classes. Our solutions result in attractive and stable returns.


Asset selection through experienced managers or leading banks

Private Debt includes senior, mezzanine and other debt financing instruments, which are predominantly offered by institutional investors such as investment companies, pension funds and insurance companies, but not by banks.

Private Debt offers attractive investment opportunities for institutional investors who seek to diversify and expand fixed income portfolios while providing lower default and higher recovery rates than traditional bonds. Additionally, the asset class has a collateralization and covenant package, offers different maturities and achieves attractive returns (fixed or floating rate). Private Debt investments can be illiquid and not tradable at all times.


Principally, we divide the private debt market into the following sectors:

  • Transportation (aircrafts, ships, railway/rolling stock)

  • Infrastructure

  • Real Estate

  • Corporate

  • Other secured credit classes (e.g. trade finance)


To give fund investors access to these attractive opportunities, Prime AIFM GmbH is co-operating in the corporate sector with Robus Capital Management, a specialist in credit opportunity strategies. Detailed information can be made available to professional and semi-professional investors within the meaning of the KAGB on request.