Invest in liquid alternative credit niches

The PCAM Liquid Alternative Credit Basket provides access to niche lending strategies, yielding high and stable returns with low correlation to traditional credit markets. Underlying loans and debt instruments are typically short-dated, senior secured and have conservative loan-to-value ratios. The objectives of the Fund are to achieve high absolute returns of 6-8% p.a. net and a strong emphasis on the preservation of investors’ capital.

The secret of the success of the PCAM Liquid Alternative Credit Basket is based on careful selection and access to the right strategies and managers

  • Focus on generating added-value by selecting best-in-class managers, combined with proactive portfolio construction and systematic risk management
  • Stringent implementation of the investment process rather than opinion-based dealing
  • Low fees and cost structure, so that the added value achieved is actually delivered to the investor

Detailed information can be made available to professional investors and semi-professional investors within the meaning of the KAGB on request.

Key Information Document:

For further information in respect of the past performance including performance scenario calculations 1, please refer to

1 Information is updated monthly
   as required by legislation.

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Prime AIFM Lux S.A. bietet nur Produkte für professionelle Investoren an!